For its growing network of Manufacturing Partners, ROBOFACTURING3D is always looking for reliable partner companies that have spare capacities. Each of our Manufacturing Partners goes through an extensive onboarding process before being brought onto the ROBOFACTURING3D network.


1.  On-site Audit and Social Compliance Audit: ROBOFACTURING3D verifies that Manufacturing Partners comply with social and ethical responsibilities, health and safety regulations, labor laws and quality management systems.

2.  In-house Manufacturing: This is the first step that allows ROBOFATURING3D to discover our Manufacturing Partners capabilities and ensure they meet our minimum requirements and they are able to run internally the manufacturing process from start to end. In-house manufacturing process gives ROBOFACTURING3D the potential to have a quick and seamless process and also to customize  products for customers that want a bespoke service.

3.  Sample Parts: Completing multiple test parts for all the technologies we offer, each with its own specifications, that are sent out to ROBOFACTURING3D headquarter and assessed by our quality inspection team. We use these to test not only our Manufacturers Partner’s ability to produce a part according to specifications but also their ability to send parts on time and with proper QA / QC procedures, packaging, and shipping practices.

4. NDA: Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement with ROBOFACTURING3D to protect both internal and customer confidential information.

5. On-boarding: Signing a Manufacturing Partner Terms and Conditions laying out detailed non-disclosure, confidentiality and general terms for their supply services.

6.   Certifications: ROBOFACTURING3D works with a vast number of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, ISO 27001-certified Manufacturing Partners, among others. ISO certifications need to be requested before placing an order. Please contact

To ensure that all orders are completed in accordance with the ROBOFACTURING3D Manufacturing Standards, our production team is continuously monitoring the performance of our Manufacturing Partners. 


Are you interested in becoming a Manufacturing Partner with ROBOFACTURING3D? Please, contact us HERE.